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Springtail Solutions MPAC Jeep Side Rack

My wife and I love to camp and use the Jeep to get to campsites that others can’t. Most of the time it’s just for a weekend or we are setting up a base camp. In March 2014 we drove the Jeep 2000 miles (round trip) to Big Bend National Park. This trip was different from any we have attempted before. This was an over landing/expedition trip. Our primary reason for going to Big Bend was to hike but backcountry camping was also high on our list. This meant we needed to live out of our Jeep for a week. We had all the gear. Spare parts, tools, survival gear, food, water and shelter. However, we had to constantly unload the Jeep to get to it. I felt highly disorganized and it’s caused me to reevaluate my storage solutions in my Jeep. This product is my first step to better organization.

Springtail Solutions Unlimited Side Rack

The MPAC JK Side Rack is a heavy-duty modular storage system that is capable of securing bulky cargo. The system doesn’t require drilling and utilizes factory mounting points and factory hardware. It is designed to be compatible with both hard and soft top applications and will fit underneath a dust cover. It features a top bin that holds a 50 cal. ammo box (or perhaps a second battery). The side rack sports a MOLLE grid. MOLLE (pronounced Molly) is an acronym for MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. The United States Army uses MOLLE systems on equipment and rucksack to secure gear and extend functionality. The system’s modularity is derived from the use of PALS webbing, rows of heavy-duty nylon stitched to allow for attachment of various MOLLE-compatible pouches and accessories. Springtail pioneered the concept of rigid MOLLE mounts for off roading.

How I Plan to use it

On board air is on my wish list. This rack will secure a CO2 Tank and have room to spare. The 50 cal ammo case will hold recovery gear and trail tools. Everything that once lived on my tailgate now fits in a single ammo can. This opens up new possibilities for my tailgate.

Overall Impression

This system is super nice. The engineering and thought that went into it is very clear. The rack came power coated from Springtail and was packed extremely well.



Don’t let the number of pieces in the kit frighten you. Instructions with photos are provided.


The kit goes together with a bunch of bolts/nuts. Springtail provides high quality hardware with nylon insert lock nuts.


There are a few factory bolts that need to be removed to kickoff the installation.



My little shop helper was doing his thing.



The next step is to put the kit together. Don’t tighten the bolts a fair amount of tolerance was engineered into this system to account for soft/hard top and variance between model years.


Test fit the rack in the Jeep and adjust where necessary. Then tighten 30% of the bolts to lock in the proper fitment.


Remove the rack from the Jeep and tighten the remaining bolts.


The end result is awesome. I’ve gained new storage space above a wheel well and provided a way to secure future upgrades to the rigid MOLLE rack. It ought to make me a very happy camper on my next expedition.


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