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Springtail MPAC Jeep Rear Door Folding Tray

I upgraded my previous tailgate storage solution to Springtail’s setup. I love it, I just wish it existed before I drilled 8 holes in my tailgate for my prior Smittybilt option. This location is perfect for tools, recovery gear and first aid supplies. The best feature of this the MPAC folding tray is the MOLLE panel that drops into a trail table. This creates a great work surface for a trail repair, picnic or staging camping gear during setup/tear-down.

This kit includes an MPAC JK Folding Rack, one Large STAT Pouch, one Medium STAT Pouch
You can purchase the Springtail MPAC Rear Door Folding Tray direct from Springtail.


This table was designed to be rattle free and has a high quality fit and finish. Since the folding tray is modular any wear item can be easily replaced. The MOLLE pouches extend the functionality of the folding tray and provide storage to items I want highly accessible. The tray’s operation is easy to use and doesn’t have loose parts that are prone to loss. To close the tray, it’s as easy as slamming a car door and since it’s made from 16 gauge steel, I know I’m not going to damage it.

When I opened the shipping box, I was impressed by the high quality black powder coating on the MPAC grid and laser cut components. It was wrapped well for transit and arrived undamaged. The kit does require assembly, but goes together fairly easily. It doesn’t require drilling and utilizes stock mounting locations. It can also be uninstalled at any point without any trace it was ever there.






After the initial assembly of the rack, it takes less than 3 minutes and requires basic hand tools. I had to adjust the strike plate slight to make better contact with the retaining plunger. Otherwise, it installed per the instructions provided in this video:

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