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Poison Spyder Brawler Lite Front Skid



The Poison Spyder Brawler Lite Front Skid attaches to the bottom of the Brawler Lite bumper to conceal and protect the factory crash bar. The skid also has an extension to protect the electronic swaybar disconnect motor found on the Rubicon model. It is made of CNC laser-cut 3/16″ plate steel, and brake-formed for a precise fit to the Brawler Lite bumper. It is well made and really completes the look of the front end. I wheeled my Jeep without the front skid for about 6 months. I noticed that the factory crash bar was showing some signs of wear (rock rash). My PSC Brawler Lite Bumper needed to be re-powder coated due to faulty sealer. So, this was the perfect time to add the front skid. I’d recommend buy and installing them together to begin with.

Here are a few installation tips

The skid attaches with 9 hex bolts to the bottom of the Brawler Lite Bumper. On my 2012 Jeep JKUR the bolts directly under the factory mounting point posed a clearance issue.


The solution was simple, remove the bolt that was coming in contact with the mount. I have no doubt that the bumper/skid is plenty strong without these two bolts (one on each side).


For the skid to fit properly the factory crash bar needs to be trimmed. Alternatively, it can be removed, but I choose to just trim it. The crash bar exsist to prevent other vehicles from going underneath the Jeep in the event of an accident. The bumper and skid can serve this purpose very well. So, it is possible to retire the bar complete. I left it intact in case I decide to do something different in the future. Plus, it was easier.

Here is a picture of the stock crash bar (driver side) before I started cutting.


Just a little bit of trimming on the left and right side. Please be safe, wear eye protection and gloves.



Here’s how it should look once it has been trimmed (driver side). The amount of trimming may differ for each model. Mine is a 2012 JKUR, it is snug against the skid, but it works.


The carnage, this is all that needs to be removed from the crash bar.


My little shop cat helped find any tools or bolts I dropped.


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