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Poison Spyder JK RockBrawler II Rear Bumper


My wife surprised me with this bumper for my birthday. She is too good to me. The install went fairly smooth. It was shipped direct to my powder coater from Northridge 4×4.

To begin the install first test fit the bumper to mark the openings on the frame rail. Two new holes will be drilled and threaded clips will be inserted. Apply a little paint helps stay off the rust.



This thing is way over built and that’s what I love about it. 8 bolts secure the bumper to the Jeep. 2 are under the bumper.


I’m planning on a body mounted tire carrier. So, I opted for the version without the swing arm. Unfortunately, that leaves a hole where it would go.


Banksy just watched this time. (sometimes he tries to contribute, like here and here)



Rock Solid Mounting
The JK RockBrawler™ Rear Bumper incorporates an extra set of mounting bolts, along the bottom of the bumper which fasten into the rear crossmember. Combined with the mounting flange bolts at either side, the bumper is rigidly fastened by a total of 8 Grade 8 bolts, on three different planes to provide ultimate strength and rigidity to the mounted bumper.

Plate Steel Bumper Construction
The RockBrawler™ II Rear Bumper shell is constructed of CNC laser cut, brake-formed 3/16″ plate steel. The multiple bends and facets actually lend even more strength to the bumper design.

Integrated Hitch Receiver
The integrated hitch receiver accepts standard 2″ hitches and recovery accessories. It is built in to the structure of the RockBrawler™ II Rear Bumper in order to provide a higher clearance, tougher hitch that’s there when you need it, but tucked up higher out of the way for better clearance and departure angles on the trail. Includes integrated safety chain loops.

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