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Interior LED Bulb Conversion

I installed LED Replacement Bulbs in my Jeep JKU. It provides a lot more light inside my Jeep. I picked this kit up from Northridge 4×4. They shipped them quickly and the install was super easy. I have heard some people having issues with the replacement bulbs. Apparently, they run hot and can melt the lens cover. I haven’t had any issue, but will keep an eye on them. My interior lights don’t run for extended periods of time so I don’t foresee an issue.

Each kit has a complete set of LED bulbs to upgrade the front and rear interior dome lights.

Specs on the Festoon (Rear Dome Light-long, skinny LED):
45 Lumens
Color temp: 6000k
Length: 42mm

The wedge base style (Front Dome lights):
82 Lumens
Color temp: 6000k

This kit fits: JK 2DR 2007–2010, JK 4DR 2007–2010, JK 2DR 2012, JK 4DR 2012

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