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Hi-Lift Accessory Bars & Quick Fists

Hi-Lift / Quick Fist Accessory Bars on a Crawler Conceptz hi-lift mount

The Dominion OffRoad Hi-Lift/Quick Fist Accessory Bars boast mounting provisions for two long handle tools for your Hi-Lift Jack. I plan on carrying an axe and a full size shovel. These Accessory Bars to not work with every Hi-Lift Jack Mount, but they work great with my Crawler Conceptz mount. This is a nice setup to extend the functionality of my hi-lift. The solid accessory bars have a quality powder-coat finish and come with Quick Fists for easy tool storage and retrieval.

Dominion OffRoad Hi-lift Accessory Bars

Hi-lift Accessory Bars with full shovel and axe

Army issue shovels and survival axes are ok. But, do you know what is better than a folding shovel and a tiny axe? A full size shovel and a legit axe! If you’re a mall crawler you probably don’t need it, but if you travel through wooded areas, it can come in handy. Their worth is quite clear when you’re on an isolated road with a tree that has recently fallen blocking your way. Sometimes the only realistic option is to cut through the obstacle to proceed.

Another reason to carry an axe? Zombies. Seriously though, it’s a handy tool. My axe has been used to split firewood at camp and as a hammer in a pinch. The ability to create a fire in a survival situation or even a weekend outing is cathartic and reassuring.

Assembled Hi-Lift Accessory Mount

Hanging an axe and shovel off the back of the Jeep looks awesome.

Hi-lift Accessory Bars Include:

  • 2 Hi-Lift accessory bars
  • 4 Quick Fists (with fasteners)
  • 4 wing nuts (with pressed washers)

It has been installed for less than 24 hours, but so far it doesn’t rattle. I don’t plan on leaving it installed all the time. My primary use is for overland trips, snow storms and camping trips. I’m still devising a way to lock my shovel and axe to the hi-lift (which is already locked to the Jeep with a Bolt lock).

I bought my kit from JeepSwag.

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