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Clean and Coated

CQuartz DLux Wheel Well Treatment

CQuartz DLux is a semi permanent coating that bonds to plastic and rubber to protect the surface from the elements while restoring their appearance. This product has more than 50% pure silica (the main ingredient in glass). So, this is basically a glass coating that helps cut future cleaning time in half. A typical application

Super clean wheel

Clean Wheels

The city of Springfield saw fit to use a lot of salt this past winter. Couple that with brake dust and SMORR mud and you have a dirty undercarriage. As you can probably tell, I wash my Jeep often. But, once or twice a year I take this to the extreme and deep clean the Jeep.

Toxic Crush Jeep Wrangler JK at Big Bend National Park

My Favorite Photos

We’ve had some great adventures in the Jeep. Here are a few of my favorite photos along the way.

Naked Jeep!

I was finally was able to swap the tops on the Jeep. The weather in Missouri has warmed up and the temperature topped 96 degrees today. Toppless and doorless is the best way to experience a Jeep. I love this weather.

Motor Kote Engine Coating

I detailed my engine about 3 weeks ago. After a few rain showers and a trip to SMORR, it was no longer clean. I’ve read a lot of threads on AutoGeek’s forum about professional detailing. While I have no desire to become a professional detailer, I can appreciate their methods and effort while trying to

Paul Walker’s Car Collection

Filmed in 2012, the production crew at The Smoking Tire said they originally respected the privacy of who owned this classic collection of cars. “As we filmed this over a year ago, it makes no sense now not to say the cars all belongs to Paul Walker and Roger Rodas,” their youtube page states. The

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