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My Nephew Loves Jeeps

My nephew has great taste. Like most two year old boys, he loves Tonka toys. So naturally, my orange Jeep seems like a real life version. Every time he see an orange Jeep in a parking lot he wants to get in and push all the buttons. It does kinda feel like a cockpit. The

Jeep JK Windshield Replacement

Things To Know Before Getting a Replacement Windshield in Your Jeep

I drive a vehicle with the aerodynamics of a shoebox. Windshield chips and cracks could be considered as much a part of the Jeep experience as the Jeep wave. I’ve owned many Jeeps and every single one had the windshield replaced at some point. Toxic Crush is on its third windshield. Which brings me to

Jeep Stock 2015

Midwest Jeepthing held a fabulous event September 18th-20th at SMORR in Seymour, Missouri called Jeep Stock. The weekend was both memorable and fun. It’s definitely an event we’ll be doing again in 2016! There were over 150 Jeeps from all over the place┬áthat made the trip. Trailer queens, stockers,┬ádaily drivers, crawlers, WK, ZJ, XJ, JK,

Rusty Skid Plates

Missouri winters can be tough on vehicles. MoDOT uses salt generously and I’m not always able to immediately wash/rinse my Jeep after a winter weather event. This can cause exposed metal to rust. Rust is another name for iron oxide, which occurs when iron or an alloy that has iron, like steel, is exposed to oxygen

Cutting a Jeep Wrangler JK’s Pinch Seam

Rear tire clearance at the pinch seam is a common problem for lifted Jeeps running 35″ tall tires or larger. Tires are more likely to be damaged by the pinch seam while aired down. The solution is simple: cut off the offending metal. Not everyone needs to do this to their JK. While the Jeep is

Jeep Lift Prep

It’s like the night before christmas and I’m a kid unable to sleep. Here’s the list of parts going on my Jeep tomorrow: 8 Johnny Joint adjustable control arms (upper and lower) 4 Currie progressively wound coil springs Front urethane Currie bump stop kit Rear Currie bump stop spacers Rear Currie coil spring retaining kit

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