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Trail Capable

I love owning a Jeep. It provides a sense of adventure and caters to my desire to stand out in a sea of boring Honda’s. Just by owning a Jeep you inherit a new fraternity of friends – those you’ll meet around town who own a Wrangler, others at Jeep events across the U.S., Jeep forums and Jeep Clubs. When you drive a Jeep, plan on being noticed by other drivers – especially those in Jeeps envying yours. I enjoy driving in all-weather conditions and in all four seasons. It’s a blast to drop the top and enjoy the open air freedom it provides. The legendary 4×4 capability of the Wrangler can take you anywhere in conditions others might consider “bad.”

The Jeep community is a neat members only bonus. One element of this community is the Jeep wave. The wave is an acknowledgement between two jeepers recognizing each other as kindred spirit–people who refuse to let something as foolish as pavement decide where life takes them.

Why Buy a Jeep?

My Jeep gives me the ability to express myself and allows the freedom go places I’ve never been before. Camping, trail riding, trips to the lake, rock climbing and repelling all suit the rugged character of my Jeep (and me). It’s a big world out there – start exploring it.

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