Tuf Shine Permanent Tire Clearcoat

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Some Jeepers don’t believe in tire shine. They feel it discredits the offroad worthiness of their rig. Personally, I like a dressed tire, even on M/T tires. I’ve purchased a lot over the years. Most dressings last a few weeks, but only looks great for a few days. I read about Tuf Shine Permanent tire clearcoat on AutoGeek’s detailing forum. I thought it sounded too good to be true. It’s not super expensive, but it’s not something I’d expect to see on Wal-Mart’s shelf anytime soon.

There is more prep work than any other tire shine I’ve ever used before, but the results are worth it. Cleaning the tires to accept the coating properly is the most important step. Once everything is done the coating will lasts months, even years.










Here is the process:

  1. Use the included Tire cleaner and brush on a dry tire. Scrub in multiple directions. Rinse the brush often with a hose directly. Don’t use a wash bucket because silicon can be accidentally transfered back to the tire. The goal is to get the tire super clean. Keep applying the spray and using the brush until the suds stay white.
  2. Let the tire completely dry.
  3. Once the tires are out of direct sunlight and cool to the touch, apply the clearcoat. Coat more than once to increase the shine. Be careful with runs and drips. The product dries to the touch and looks great.

Tire Shine Process

The Tire Shine Kit

Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat, 6 oz.

Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat could possibly be the one product that saves you more time and effort than any other car care product in your arsenal of detailing supplies. Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat is a water-based coating for your tires that provides unsurpassed protection and a shine that lasts months instead of weeks. While conventional tire dressings wear off after a week or two, Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat continues to shine, even through many washes and thousands of miles.

Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner 22 oz.

Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner, better known as the good stuff among professional detailers, is an intense tire cleaner that deep cleans tires better than you ever thought possible. Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner safely removes polymers, silicones, waxes, grease and previously applied dressings to leave your tires with a clean and natural looking appearance. Tires cleaned with Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner will arguably be as clean, if not cleaner, than the day they left the factory.

Tuf Shine Tire Brush

This ergonomically designed tire brush deep cleans tires, ridding them of dirt, grime and previously applied dressings. Its lightweight design and stiff nylon bristles ensure maximum scrubbing power with minimal user fatigue. The Tuf Shine Tire Brush is the perfect compliment to Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner.

Tuf Shine Pro Series Applicator Sponge

The Tuf Shine Pro Series Applicator Sponge is a dense, closed-cell sponge that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. This handy sponge is designed to apply thin, even coats of Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat. Washable and reusable.

1 Pair Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves will ensure your hands stay clean while you clean and dress your tires. Nitrile gloves provide exceptional puncture and tear resistance.

I purchased my kit at AutoGeek for about $40.