Sweetheart Run at Moonlight Racing

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Midwest Jeepthing had it’s annual Valentine’s run February 10th, 2018. This year the event was held at Moonlight Racing in Sullivan, MO. The park has diverse trails for all types of rigs and 600 acres to explore. The club provided trail guides for Mild, Moderate or Hard groups. But, if guided groups aren’t your thing, the park was open to the public that day as well. The weather was so-so at 28 degrees and the threat of mix precipitation. But, that didn’t stop us from having a great time. In total, we had 25 Jeeps attend the event. Here are some photos from the wheeling trip.

Airing down Toxic Crush to about 12 PSI.

We exchanged Valentine’s like in grade school. We had fun with it, lots of creative Valentin’s boxes.

Child, it’s 28 degrees out! Where is your coat?

As President of Midwest Jeepthing in 2018, I had the honor of leading the drivers meeting. We quickly hit on off-road safety and general things about the park.

JKU on 40’s and 1-ton axles. Pure beast-mode.

Jason said, “I think I’m going to put my tires on it and see what happens.”

3 wheeling!

More 3 wheeling. The JKUs have the advantage here with the longer wheelbase.

Mission accomplished, he put his tires on it. It was this Jeep YJ’s first trip out. Jason was still learning his new-to-him Jeep.

Quick trail-fix. My stock inner fender liner flipped up into my tire. Almost ripped it off.

Dave Cooley to the rescue with power tools and zip ties.

That was close.

It was a little tipsy, but no flops here.

He just walked right up. Awesome.

Bob on the other hand, didn’t just walk right up. We put a strap on it and pulled him right up though.

Momentum is your friend.

Moderate wheeling group photo op.