Carolina Metal Master Billet Ball Mount

Carolina Metal Masters made a RAM A-Pillar Ball Mount out of 7075 Aluminum. This replaces one of the bolts in the A-pillar. The mount installation doesn’t require any modification to the Jeep interior. I’ve paired this mount with a few RAM Mount parts:

Jeep RAM Mount Universal X-Grip Phone Cradle with B-Ball RAM

Jeep RAM Mount Universal X-Grip Phone Cradle with B-Ball RAM

RAM Mount Universal X-Grip Phone Cradle with B-Ball RAM

The X-grip has a clever four leg design that places enough pressure on your device to securely hold it. It works with any phone and/or case. I’ve used it with my iPhone 4S and iPhone 6. Both fit well and were very secure, even off-road. Two sockets were connected with a double ball arm to angle it out of the drivers view. It also brings the unit closer to the driver. For long road-trips when my iPhone has DJ duty it’s in the perfect spot. I also use it to control my GoPro camera remotely. This location is close enough to be accessible and non-obtrusive.

Proof that this mount is wicked secure:

  • Bradley H

    This is a really cool setup. I need to upgrade to a Bluetooth compatible unit

    • A bluetooth headunit would make clean looking install. However, you could route a mini-jack cable behind the dash, up the pillar and around the RAM mount. Bluetooth is nice, but OS updates tends to mess with it’s reliability for a spell. I’ve thought about doing this as a backup when bluetooth is sketchy.

  • pwnst_r

    Hey these are great pics of the system. I have the Carolina metal masters front grab bar with the RAM ball. I don’t want it as in your face as you have it though. I’m thinking I could get away with just the universal x mount and the long arm B socket or do I need something else? Great photos and descriptions I appreciate it!

    • Thanks! I used a second connector to pivot my phone out of my line-of-sight, a single B socket wasn’t enough.