March Madness 2017

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Midwest Jeep Thing’s annual March Madness at Washita. It’s just south of Farmington, Missouri. We had 79 Jeeps attend the event. The guided groups were divided up by difficulty level (mild, moderate and difficult).

  1. “Washita Mild”—This isn’t stock Jeep friendly. 32” tires, 2″+ lift and rocker protection is required
  2. Moderate – 33″ tires, 2″+ lift and rocker protection is required
  3. Difficult – 35″ tire, 2″+ lift, rocker protection, at least one locker and winch required.

“Washita Mild” is called out as special, because it would be considered moderate difficulty at most other off road parks. There were times when the undercarriage scraped and dragged over rocks. We build our Jeeps to handle this type of use. Participates were told to expect rocks to come into contact with skid plates and rocker protection. My PSC Rocker Knockers worked well. We began our day at 9:00 AM. Then worked our way to the top of the Bald Knob and had lunch. The view was truly breathtaking. There are very large rocks at the top, the extreme Jeepers took the time to play and pose on the big stuff. After lunch we worked our way back to the field at the base of the mountain. We wrapped up our day around 6:00PM.

Tommy Davis, MWJT club president, kicking off the event with a drivers meeting.

It rained a lot the night before. The ground was very soupy.

Tony’s Jeep is clean here at the beginning of the day. That didn’t last long for anyone.

Tony Reiss, lead a group of “Washita Mild” Jeepers through the park.

This looks like a poser shot, but there is a bit of forward progression 🙂

Calen’s Jeep performed well for being on of the least lifted JK’s at the event. He chose great lines and made it up (and down) everything he attempted.

We had Jeepers drive from all over to attend the event. Since Washita isn’t open to the public anymore, it’s a rare treat to get to wheel here. This couple was from Springfield, IL, which is about 3 hours away.

My Jeep and I climbing up Fuzzy’s Crack, who names these things?

My Jeep and I going down the other side of Fuzzy’s Crack.

Dakota climbing up the side I went down. The photo doesn’t do it justice, it’s very steep.

Tyler attempted the same route that Dakota did. Lockers make a huge difference in being able to complete this obstacle. He ended up backing down to try another day.

It made for a cool photo though.

View from the top at Bald Knob.

We probably had 60+ Jeeps parked up on Bald Knob for lunch.

Headed back down the mountain.

This YJ sheared their Tie Rod just before the Tie Rod End. It needed to be welded twice before it made it back to base.

Oops. That was must deeper than it looked. I’m very stuck.

It swallowed my 37’s with much effort. The “bottom” of this pit was sticky mud/clay the consistency of bubble gum.

Tommy making it up Training Wall.

Jeremy almost making it up Training Wall.

It was very slick. Lee’s TJ did flop while attempting to climb training wall. Everyone was ok. His roll cage, 5-point harness and suspension seats did exactly what they were designed to do. The recovery was well executed too.

Airing back up after a great day of wheel. We had wonderful weather and overall a fabulous event.

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Song: Dennis Lloyd – Nevermind
Shot on GoPro 4/3
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Shot on Canon 5D Mk III
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