March 2013 SMORR Jeep Snow Run

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Looking mean at SMORR

Jeep Rubicon looking mean at Southwest Missouri Off Road Ranch (SMORR)

Sliced a side wall

Early during this trip I sliced my side wall going up a rocky ledge.

Swamping a tire

Lucky for me, Brandon had a Hi-Lift jack or my wheeling day would have been completely different. I really need to buy one.

Changing a tire on the trail

We should to have used a Hi-lift jack base, but we didn’t have one. This wasn’t very safe but it turned out ok.

Brad Hill looking not thrilled

It’s never fun to break a part or need a trail repair but it’s part of the experience. If that’s not something you’re not okay with, wheeling probably isn’t for you.

Looking up at SMORR
One reason I love being off road is enjoying the outdoors. Don’t forget to take deep breaths of fresh air to admire the scenery.

Supercharged Jeep TJ
This is Scott and his Supercharged Jeep TJ on 35’s. It’s a beast.

This was the most advance trail we attempted today. My stock height JKUR did just fine.

The park was snow-covered and a little muddy.

iOS Topo Map
I was experimenting with an iOS app called, Topo Maps (link removed, no longer available).

Stuck in the mud
It happens to everyone eventually. I was stuck. The sticky cold mud filled the lugs of my tires and basically became slicks. I revved the Jeep a little to tempt to clear it, but no dice.

March 2013 SMORR Trip
Scott was there to help me out.

Dirty Jeep JK
I have people tell me all the time that Jeeps are supposed to be dirty. I 100% agree. However, I prefer to maintain my vehicles and I consider the paint and undercarriage part of that care. My Jeep gets dirty, it just doesn’t stay that way long.

SMORR Flex and Stuff
Scott’s Jeep on Flex and Stuff at SMORR.

Jeep TJ Max Flex
Maximum flex on a Jeep TJ.

Serious spring flex
That spring is feeling it.

Dirty Jeep and my wife
Melissa (my wife) posing in front of our filthy Jeep.