June SMORR Run

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Jeep Off Road at SMORR

June 22nd, 2013. It was a beautiful day to be offroad. Scott and I met at 9:00 AM and worked our way down Ranch Road at Southwest Missouri Off-Road Ranch (SMORR). This is one of the main roads/trails used to get around the off-road ranch. We were headed to the side of the ranch that boast a bit more elevation change than the rest.

Poser shot while at SMORR

Rock Crawling and about to do some fender customization (damage)

We crawled down Snow Trail and Cold Mountain. Both trails are rated 3 and have a few technical spots. I found out that my Rubicon’s breaks won’t hold my Jeep on an downward incline while in 4-lo and 1st gear. I practiced feathering the clutch to reduce the torque the Jeep had to safely complete the obstacle. We did make it down unscathed, well mostly. My front passenger fender took a hard hit on a rock and broke two of the mounting clips. No worries, new clips are on order.

Scott Jeep making simple work of the obstacles

Scott's Jeep leaning into it.

The main roads where a dust bowl

Scott’s Jeep handled the trails much better than mine. His Jeep TJ sits a little taller than my JK and his 35″ tires gave him an advantage here. We also drove down Flex N Stuff, Brixey and Pee Wee’s Crossing. A Tree on Pee Wee’s Crossing claimed one of Scott’s tail lights. He was wanting to upgrade to LEDs anyway.

Fellow Jeepers on the trail

Sometimes the Jeep's traverse the trail better than we can on foot

A Jeep making quick work of a large rock

A few Jeeps from Midwest Jeep Thing were at the Park. They were mainly from the St Louis area. We watched them tackle a trail (rated 4). They all had built rigs, I was a little bit jealous. Scott and I both left the Ranch without major damage to our Jeeps or egos.