Jeep Wrangler Cabin Air Filter

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We ordered our Jeep with an Automatic Climate Control System, which comes standard with Cabin Air Filters from the factory. However, any 2011+ Wrangler can have cabin air filters, even if it didn’t ship that way.

I’m sure there are lots of Jeepers that will say that cabin air filters in a Wrangler are ridiculous. Since, many Wranglers have soft-tops that get removed often, a cabin air filter would be useless with the open aired freedom a Jeep provides. And they would be right. However, there are people who have allergies (like my wife and brother) who can benefit from the filters when the top/windows are up.


I like running them in the winter, because I use my hardtop and run my heater often. Why not have fresh air to go with the warmth? There are other benefits to using the filtration year round. It will reduce odors in the vehicle and it keeps the HVAC ductwork clean.

Here’s how to install (or change the filters)

1. Buy two #55111302AA cabin air filters. I paid $22 for a comparable WIX filter on Amazon. The filters measure 5-15/16″ L x 2-15/16″ W x 13/16″ H each.

Jeep Cabin Air Filter Wix

2. Remove the glove box by gently squeeze the right and left sides inwards. This allows the plastic stays to clear the opening. The glove box will rotate down and out-of-the-way.



It will look like this once it’s removed.


3. To access the area where the filters go, press the re-circulate air button on the HVAC control panel. This will raise the air dam and give access.



4. Open the two screen doors by pushing the two door latches down and toward the rear of the vehicle. The right door will only open a couple of inches, but you can slide the new filter in behind the right door, when the left door is open.


5. Insert both Cabin Air Filters into the slots behind the screen doors. The arrow on the filters should point down, toward the direction of air-flow.


That’s it! Close the screen doors, reinstall the glove box and breath deeply. Enjoy your fresh air.