Jeep Navigation Update

Posted by on Dec 23, 2014 in Maintenance | 2 Comments



My Jeep’s navigation maps were showing their age. There has been lots of construction and new roads in the last couple of years in Springfield, MO and the surrounding area. My Jeep has the Uconnect 730N (RHR) headunit. The 2015 North American Map update for that unit runs about $150.

It came with two discs. One to update the software, which needed to run first. Then the map update.




Things that were buggy like the gas prices not showing up or the unit not showing the song data during bluetooth audio streaming now works. All the new roads in the area display properly. My Jeep no long thinks I’m off-road while cruising at 70 mph on the highway.

I ran into one issue while upgrading the software, the head-unit crashed. This was an issue because it didn’t recognize there was a disc loaded. I didn’t realize it before but the 730N head-unit doesn’t have a physical eject button. To force a manually disc ejection, follow these steps:

  1. With the display open
  2. Press and hold the NAV button on right side
  3. Then press SEEK UP and SEEK DOWN at the same time on left side

After this¬†combination is pressed the disc should eject from radio. Close the display manually by pressing OPEN/CLOSE afterward. This worked great for me. On my second attempt at installing the software upgrade everything worked as intended. I’m not sure why the first attempt failed.