Clean Wheels

Posted by on May 21, 2014 in Dirty, Maintenance | No Comments

The city of Springfield saw fit to use a lot of salt this past winter. Couple that with brake dust and SMORR mud and you have a dirty undercarriage. As you can probably tell, I wash my Jeep often. But, once or twice a year I take this to the extreme and deep clean the Jeep. This usually takes several weekends and a lot of elbow grease. Having the right products can make the task at hand much easier.

After removing all five wheels I sprayed the inside of the wheel with water and Zep Fast 505 Degreaser. I let the degreaser sit for a bit and gave it a scrub with a stiff brush. Don’t let the degreaser dry on the wheel and rinse off the grime. The final result is something that most people will never see or realize. But, I’ve always felt that when I take care of my Jeep, it will take care of me.

Dirty Jeep wheel

Cleaning the inside of the wheels

Degreaser doing it's thing

Super clean wheel