2013 New Year’s Day SMORR Run

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We spent New Year’s Day wheeling at Southern Missouri Offroad Ranch (SMORR). Here are a few photos we snapped along the way. This is Toxic Crush in it’s natural habitat, a gas station.

Fueling up at a gas station in Springfield, Missouri. The Jeep was thirsty.

SMORR has just under 1000 acres of land and 130+ trails to wheel. They are rated from 1 to 5. 1 are the main roads/trails and 5’s are pretty hard core. We stayed with 2’s and 3’s since everything was wet and slushy.

Southern Missouri Offroad Ranch Enterance

Here’s our group. I’m on the left, Scott has the TJ in the center and Matt’s new 2013 JK (Claymaker) is on the right.

Jeep group at SMORR on New Years Day

It was a cold day. There was more snow was forecast but it just missed us.

Toxic Crush Jeep Stretching out a bit on the New Years Day trail ride.

With only 1400 miles on his new JK, Matt is breaking it in right.

Matt's Jeep on the New Year's Day trail ride.

The scenery was beautiful. It was a great way to start the new year.

Beautiful moss at SMORR

The scenery at SMORR was beautiful

<h2>The Trails</h2>

We definitely had a lot of fun.

Scott's Jeep flexing at SMORR

Wet rocks at SMORR on New Years Day

Scott's Jeep on Double Whammy at SMORR

Puddle hoppin at SMORR

Icy puddles at SMORR

Matt's Jeep getting wet at SMORR

The longer wheel base Jeep JK took a little bit to get used to.

Only one issue/breakage today. Matt’s new Jeep is sporting a 4″ Rough Country lift. We found out it has a defective pitman arm. The pitman arm nut was almost off, it created a serious death wobble on the way home and steering was very difficult. This pic shows a quick repair in a McDonald’s parking lot to limp home.

Wrenching on Matt's Jeep

Overall, it was a great experience with family and friends. We are looking forward to going again. Soon.